Champlain Stone Products

  • American Granite
    • Colors: Natural weathered brown & earth tone colors blended w/ the fresh blue of hand split surfaces. Approximately 30% of the split faces flow together w/ a blend of pink, green & white. Mica flecks along w/ garnet inclusions & quartz crystals highlight a percentage of this this.
  • Corinthian Granite
    • Colors: 70% Hudson River blue w/ a mixture of green, black, pink, brown, burgundy & white. A small percentage has black speckles throughout consisting of red & black garnet inclusions & quartz crystals.
  • South Bay Quartzite
    • Colors: Base color of tan w/ a blend of antique white, ice blue, amber, dark 
      & lighter browns.
    • Available in: Ashlar, Mosaic Veneer, Roughly Squared & Rect., Uniwall, Thin Ledge Stone & Flagging.
  • Van Tassell Granite
    • Colors: A pastel blend of buff, pink, blue/green & brown shades w/ a granular texture featuring random speckling & striations.