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Gas Fireplaces - Kozi Heat, Mendota, Monesson, Napoleon, Valor & White Mountain Hearth


Outdoor Grilling Units

  • BBQ Grills
  • Pizza Oven & Smokers
  • Ceramic Grills


Winco Generators - Tri Fuel Portable generators can keep you out of the dark. The fuel you choose for your portable generator may be the difference between having power or not. Whether you need a generator to power your cabin on the weekend or to keep your furnace and sump pump running during a utility failure WINCO tri-fuel portable generators are the ideal portable power solution.

  • Many aftermarket LP gas or natural gas conversions do not legally meet EPA emissions requirements. WINCO has tested and certified the Home Power line for operation on gasoline, LP gas, and natural gas. WINCO's tri-fuels have passed application reviews from Honda and Briggs & Stratton engineers allowing us to offer the 3 year engine warranties.

  • When disaster strikes gasoline can be difficult to get because roads are impassable, gas stations are without power or supplies have become depleted. Gasoline is also difficult to store in large quantities because it goes stale relatively quickly, varnishes and attracts water, leaving a generator inoperable without repairs. The WINCO tri-fuel generators solve this problem by operating on the two most common vapor fuels: LP gas and natural gas. Both fuels are available in large quantities and supplies are not affected by many common events that cause power outages.

  • Switching between fuels is very easy with WINCO generators. To operate on vapor fuels you simply turn off the gasoline fuel line, connect the proper t-valve fitting for the selected fuel and then connect the main fuel supply. After you start the engine it is capable of providing hours of uninterrupted power from an adequate fuel supply.


Artificial Grass


Garden Mark Landscape Solutions  - Synthetic Grass is the hottest thing in landscaping.  Synthetic grass comes in a variety of styles, offering huge savings and ecological benefits by cutting back on water usage, making it a much more affordable landscaping option.  And it’s green all year round, rain or shine. No wonder that synthetic grass has become so popular. GardenMark continues to be one of the pioneers in the field, leading many of the latest developments and innovations in the industry. GardenMark is considered one of the most experienced and professional firms in the business.