Bluestone is an extremely durable product. It is used for patios, sidewalks, steps, risers, architectural facings, fireplaces, sills, mantles, copings and other uses.


Bluestone Uses & Sizes:

  • Flagstone
    • 12"x12" through 48"x48", available in 6" increments
    • Thickness: 1" & 1 1/2" 
    • Sold by the square foot
  • Stair Treads
    • Thickness: 1", 1 1/2", 2" 
    • Custom sizes available
    • Sold by the linear foot
  • Wall Coping & Sills
    • Standard & custom sizes available
  • Fire Place Hearth & Mantels
    • Custom sizes available
  • Irregular Mosaic Flagging
    • Thickness: 1", 1 1/2" 
    • Price goes by weight
  • Oval Flagging
    • Large Oval 1 1/2" X 18" X 24"
    • Small Oval 1 1/2" X 12" X 18"
    • Sold by the piece
  • Octagon Flagging
    • 1 1/2"X18" 
    • Sold by the piece
  • Tumbled Bluestone Flagging
    • Rounded edges
    • Sold by the piece

Types of Bluestone:

  • New York - Variation of colors ranging from: blue, green, purple, browns, & rusts  with a natural cleft surface.
  • Pennsylvania - Consistant blue color with a natural cleft surface.
  • Thermal - Smooth flamed surface.
    • Mixed Color
    • Blue Gray
  • Lilac - Plum in color with a natural cleft surface.

*Note: Many of the bluestone varies in color and it is very important to come to our store to pick the range of color for your project, especially before a delivery is scheduled. 



Bluestone Flagging Types
NY State Natural Cleft Pennsylvania (Premium) Natural Cleft
NY Natural Cleft Bluestone  PA Natural Cleft Bluestone 
NY Irregular Flagging Thermal Blue Smooth Finish
NY Natural Cleft Irregular Thermal Bluestone 
Tumbled Bluestone  
Tumbled Bluestone   


Bluestone PA Flagging
Bluestone NY Flagging
Bluestone Irregular Flagging
NY Bluestone Irregular Flagging
Bluestone NY Flagging
Tumbled Bluestone 6x6 with 6x12 Sailor Coarse Boarder  
  Bluestone NY Full Color Flagging
Bluestone NY Flagging